SOLSC 2015: Day 31

This is my third year doing this, and this is the first year where I really didn’t know that I would complete this challenge. As is probably evident from my posts, this has been a challenging time for me, and today has probably been my hardest yet, and possibly one of the top 5 hardest days of my life.

At first, I feel disappointed in my completing this goal. My posts weren’t cheery enough. Were they actually *slices* of my life? I didn’t comment nearly as much as I had wanted to. But, what I’m coming to realize, is my best looks different at different times. Right now, I don’t have as much time or energy to do the things I want to do, and that’s ok. I made time to try to write something every day, and though I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, that’s still big.

I hope everyone who participated in this, whether goals were met or not, feels good that they were able to do¬†something. Like Kid President has said, “Give people high-fives just for getting out of bed. Being a person is hard sometimes.” #truth


3 responses

  1. I agree with Kid President. Thank you for your supportive presence here, Tara! Good for you…3 years of every day for a month is a big accomplishment. Go, YOU!

  2. Well, you are one wonderful person! I’m so glad our paths have crossed here! Sending lots of love your way! xox Keep slicing!

  3. Oh, Tara, I needed to read this today. Thank you for this: “my best looks different at different times.” Like you, I haven’t felt like this is my best SOL year. Mostly, I wish I would have been better at commenting. Most years, I really get around to comment, but this year I just couldn’t keep it all going. We did post everyday — and that’s something. Way to go! (Hang in there.)


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