SOLSC 2015: Day 30

Right now, I’m trying to enjoy the quiet.

I’ve turned the TV off. I’m not listening to music. I just realized that there’s no construction going on! (There’s been construction ever since I moved into the temporary place November, and it’s been right outside my window since I moved into my unit in February.)

I’m looking outside the window. The big, fluffy clouds from earlier are gone and now it’s just blue sky. Shadows are starting to set in as the sun is beginning to fade; it’ll set soon. The trees are still.

And now here come the birds and their chipping. A car starting. And the slam of a neighbor’s door. I’m sure I’ll soon hear another neighbor’s TV soon, or the voices of those living around me.

It didn’t hit me until now how I haven’t really had quiet in so long. There’s usually been the yelling from the construction workers, the beeping of the truck, the noises that come from building an apartment complex. I’m so grateful I had those few moments to just take it in and just be.


One response

  1. I can not imagine putting up with the noise all the time.

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