SOLSC 2015: Day 29

I was hoping by this time today I’d have more things done: planning for tomorrow, laundry complete, dishes washed, other little chores done. Well, my laundry is in the washer. And I threw a few things away…

I stayed up too late last night watching basketball. I didn’t sleep very well, and apparently I turned my alarm off this morning instead of hitting snooze. I went to get a bagel for breakfast after getting up later than I had planned, and I decided I was just going to eat the bagel there today. So of course, this was the busiest I have ever seen this place (not that I’ve been there that many times, but it’s usually no where near packed). There weren’t any seats! After waiting far too long for a toasted bagel with butter, I decided to just eat it in my car, as I needed to stop by another store that is in that same shopping center. I’m glad I did, because that’s the best a bagel from that place has ever tasted! Then I stopped by the store, only to find they weren’t having the sale I thought they were, and even if they did their system was down and they could only take cash, which I didn’t have on me.

And my day’s just been kind of blah since then. I sit down to work, but find I really don’t want to. Or I’m too tired, so I take a nap. (Lupus can cause you to be tired a lot. Lupus + teaching can cause you to be tired even more. Lupus + teaching + a very stressful year = just way too much tired!!)

And here I am now, feeling tired, unproductive, and just hoping I can get through this next week. I most definitely need to set some small but necessary goals and then actually do them during Spring Break, which is the week after next. I’ve spent too many weekends being unproductive and lots of little things have piled up.

I’m hoping my field trip gets rescheduled for this week and I can spend a nice day outside in the warm sun, recharging!


3 responses

  1. Sometimes a down day is just what we need to recharge. Sounds like you are ready for spring break! I hope the week after next comes quickly for you.

  2. We all need days when we do nothing now and then. Don’t feel guilty. Enjoy your spring break!

  3. I’ve had days like those. We all need some time to recharge, so I’m wishing spring break comes quickly for you.

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