SOLSC 2015: Day 26

My day in bullet points:

  • I wish a 30 minute chunk of time during my first and second blocks would go by even half as fast as the 30 minutes before the kids come. I get to school 30 minutes early and I swear it feels like 3. But then with the two blocks, some days 3 minutes feels like 3 hours. What gives?!?
  • Thank goodness for my third blocks this year. My Day 2 third block drives me absolutely insane sometimes but I’ll always take them. They have way too much energy but are good kids, and if they see that I really need them to bring it down, they do. My other third block is almost the exact opposite in terms of energy, but they are also great kids, and I am always happy to have them after my second block!
  • I have been waiting for this Friday for a while. I’m chaperoning a field trip and even though it’s not perfect, it’ll be a nice break and I’ll get to spend some time outside of the classroom with some really great kids. Plus (!) I had enough stuff leftover this week for a sub to do. Except, because of weather our trip tomorrow is getting postponed. 😦 And of course the stuff for the sub is more worksheet type stuff and I don’t want to spend a whole block doing it, so I have planning to do for tomorrow.
  • It turned out to be a pretty nice day, so I went out to do my run. It was SLOW and I didn’t reach my goal distance, but I’m tired and I’m glad I just got out there and didn’t stop before I did
  • I feel like I’m writing more in a bulleted list than I have when I was trying to write an actual slice.

I’m really looking forward to this time tomorrow. I have six more work days until Spring Break. Yay!!!


3 responses

  1. I love list writing, kind of like a bulleted list. My mind opens up when I know I’m writing one item on a list, rather than a long connected post. Your list is good. It is really so frustrating when you get all ready for a sub and then the plans are cancelled and you’re left with a lesson you don;t want to teach!

  2. I haven’t tried a bulleted list yet. It’s interesting that you find you write more with a bulleted list. Looking forward to see if I find the same thing.

  3. Samantha Marquardt | Reply

    I love bullet points! Helps me be precise. πŸ™‚ This format worked for you!

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