SOLSC 2015: Day 25

The words aren’t coming today.

The feelings and emotions are there, but I just can’t find the words. It was an ok day. Some good points, some points I wish were better. Work ended with a VERY long meeting that was draining, but I think the person got what she needed after it. Teachers are definitely therapists, and I like when I can help someone like that, but I really need that energy for me right now!

This is a very blah post, but I guess it’s fitting. It was that kind of day! I’m looking out the window, and even the weather agrees!

I’m still trudging along. Seven more work days until Spring Break! And I’m really hoping spring gets the message- I feel like a week of relaxing at home with good weather could do wonders!!


5 responses

  1. There are days like these. Sometimes, I am thankful because it gives me a break from the really high days and the really low days. It is just difficult to remember much about them! Rest, relax and recharge!

  2. I am on Spring Break this week, which has helped with my case of the blahs. It also helps that Spring weather has finally arrived! I hope this happens for you soon! I know the feeling about the words not coming, I experience that often.

  3. Oh, I know the feeling – always glad to know it’s not just me! And I’m glad you got your writing in one way or the other! Hang in there!

  4. I agree with some days… they are just cottage cheese and vanilla ice cream. Sounds like you were the every day kind of busy and purposeful though and that’s a good thing. One day, one slice, at a time gets the work done.

  5. Your slice makes me feel a little better…my day was draining as well (I used that word in my slice, too!). I felt bad about not having anything exciting to write about, but sometimes that just happens, doesn’t it? I’m wishing you the energy and inspiration that comes from a good night’s rest…from one tired slicer to another! 🙂

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