SOLSC 2015: Day 23

Today was a long day! After full day of classes, I had a department meeting and then we had to stay after for conferences. No one showed for the last hour and a half, yet my brain was too over it to get any real planning done. I attempted to have everything ready for tomorrow, but my mind really works better after I’ve had about an hour after work to just not think about work. Now I’m home, I’ve finished dinner, and it’s about time to start getting ready for bed.

There are a few things from one conference I hope to write about more, just because I think it’s interesting both in reflecting about my teaching and life in general. I’d like to write about it more now, but I know I won’t be able to really get much out at this point. Basically, it has to do with kids and their handwriting. There are so many at my school who have horrible writing. Plus, they can’t read anything that’s not straight up print. I hope to really dive into this and my thinking on it sometime in the near future.

I know I say this far too much, but I’m tired! So that’s it for today.


2 responses

  1. Get your rest! The days are tiring when you have meetings and conferences.

  2. I could read cursive but I was one of those kids with horrible handwriting. Horrible. Astonishingly poor. I hated school mostly because I struggled with handwriting and I was forced to write in cursive long past the point it should have been obvious that I would never do it well. In seventh grade, we were allowed to print and it was like the world opened up to me.

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