SOLSC 2015: Day 21

I’m so glad the weather is getting nicer! I’ve done several of my runs outside and, while they’re not all great, I enjoy them much more than my runs of the treadmill.

However, I miss my old running route. While both this one and my last one were on busy roads, the last one was so much prettier. There was so much green and (I’m not sure if this will make sense) there weren’t too many openings I had to run through. Both places are right beside busy shopping centers, and with this route I can really tell. I live right on the edge of three counties, and if I go left there are no sidewalks, but it get very rural very quick. I wish there were sidewalks here- the route would be SO amazing! But inside, I have to turn right and when my runs get longer, I’m going to have to watch out for traffic. I see so many people out running though, so I’m hoping drivers here are more aware than I’ve seen in some places.

I guess I’m just seeing once again that I can’t have everything, which I don’t mean in a bad way. While I loved my old apartment (and for the most part, the location of it in relation to my day-to-day life), there were so many other things in my life that I knew I needed to change. I guess there will always be things that I might want to change. I just need to make sure it’s smaller things that would be nice to have, and not the bigger things that really impact my life. I like to think that I’m on the right path with the choices I’ve made this past year! Time will tell!


4 responses

  1. We live in a rural area without sidewalks and we have a fair number of bicyclists and runners out on our narrow twisty road. It isn’t the best situation, but if the runner can be aware of the need to move over onto the shoulder, we are all safer. Cars here can’t always move to the center, as there are hills and curves, so drivers can’t see if another car is coming. Be careful out there! Take the safest route and make it interesting!

  2. Your post has inspired me to go for a run! You are very right… that even for a simple run it is hard to get everything we are looking for.

  3. It’s nice to add little changes to your life! Sometimes it’s the little ones that make the biggest differences!

  4. Running outside is so much nicer than on a treadmill, I agree. Though it is tricky for runners and drivers (and bicyclists), that whole ‘sharing the road’ thing….sure, “I guess I’m just seeing once again that I can’t have everything,” but, realize, you got to run outside! Yes! Finally! Spring is really here!!

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