SOLSC 2015: Day 14

Reactions and feelings from today:

  • Waking up: Is it Saturday?!? Please tell me it’s Saturday… IT’S SATURDAY!!!
  • Excitement about a new possible opportunity
  • Nervous: Am I setting myself up for too much this summer?
  • It’s ok- I think I’ll love this stuff
  • Coming down from that high…now what?
  • Dreary day outside. I could have used a bright and sunny Saturday.
  • Someone’s changing plans and I’m not liking it, but it’s not really something I can say no to. Ugh.
  • Month of free Hulu Plus- yay. The Hills is on it?!? YAY AND YES PLEASE.
  • Realize it’s already 5:00. Why do work days never go by this quickly?
  • And I’m still in my sweats, on my couch, watching The Hills. And I’m ok with that!

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