SOLSC 2015: Day 8

I had a moment today, when I was thinking about what to write, when I remembered the first year I participated in this. There was another person who I immediately connected with. While the events we were going through at the time weren’t the same, the feelings, emotions, decisions we were needing to make seemed so similar. I’m so thankful for that person, because I’m sure that quick connection really pushed me to complete that first challenge.

I went to try to find her blog today, and I was sad to see that it’s gone. I remember things seemed to be going in a great direction for her, so I hope that continued. But this also made me remember other blogs I used to follow. When I was in college and was trying to decided between two paths to take to get into teacher, I remember Googling and finding blogs with different people’s experiences. There were some I would keep up with, and eventually I moved on to other blogs. Again, I tried to find some of these today and none of the ones I could find were active or still online. Not surprising, considering it was almost ten years ago (OMG just did that math- whaaattttt?!?) and I know a good deal of those people were either deciding whether or not they wanted to stay in teaching or were moving on.

There was definitely a part of me that felt very sad that I no longer had this “connection” to these people. The teaching blogs were ones that I just read, but I still feel like I learned so much from them. With my first SOL challenge, I felt like I made a friend, and it was sad that I could no longer see how she’s doing or feel like there’s someone else who is feeling like I am, because hey, she just left me a comment about it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships this past year and wondering which relationships will last, which I need to work on, which ones I’m sad have gone, and so on. While I’m sad that I feel like I have lost that one SOL connection, it makes me hopeful I can build new ones with this writing challenge!

8 responses

  1. I loved the line – “With my first SOL challenge, I felt like I made a friend, and it was sad that I could no longer see how she’s doing or feel like there’s someone else who is feeling like I am, because hey, she just left me a comment about it.” It’s funny/sad how time changes our relationships. I liked how you wrote that there was a sadness in these changes, but also hope. Here’s hoping you make more wonderful connections during this year’s challenge!!

  2. How wonderful that you made a special connection – but it’s really too bad that you can’t reconnect. This shows us how important relationships are – whether in person or even online.

  3. Connecting with our writing friends is an important part of what keeps us writing. I’m hoping that you’ll find some new connections this year.

  4. I loved your piece! It is true that you connect to writers because of a similar style or an admiration of their work.

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece today!

  5. This is only my second year slicing, but I feel your pain. I made some big connections with other slicers that I worked with and ones I wonder if I’ll ever meet in person. I feel they helped me hone my writing skills and abandon my perfectionist typo-less nature for the experience of completing the task at hand. I still follow them, comment on them, but mostly email outside the slice world. 10 years? Really? Wow. I like how you juxtaposed best blogs with how you learned to be a better teacher by reading them and how you had wonderful friends writing alongside them. It’s sad but somehow I related. Great slice.

  6. Hello Tara,
    I wonder too which relationships will last. This year I hope you make some good connections with people, and make friends that stay.

  7. I’m so lucky that I’ve been finding my fellow five years as I write this year. We seemed to bond that first year and have followed each other since. It’s a great feeling. I hope you find that too

  8. and sometimes those connections you thought lost show up again…

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