SOLSC 2015: Day 6

I have a really hard time getting words down! As I was making my way through my day, I was thinking about all of the things I wanted to write about and I got to what I thought would be a great (for me) post. I even had some pretty decent starting sentences. The trouble is I always think of these great sentences or words or ideas when I can’t get them down somehow. I’m in the shower, or I’m walking somewhere and my hands are full, or I’m mid-dream. Whatever it is, I’m not in a place where I can put it somewhere where I can remember it later! I even tried to write about my idea I had earlier today and I just hated everything that came out. At this point, I need to publish something, so here it is. 😦 Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something better.


6 responses

  1. Love the honesty! I have felt the same way this week. At one point, I even left myself a voice memo on my phone, because I knew the idea would leave my mind forever. I almost forgot to listen to the message later on!

  2. I know just how you feel, but don’t beat up on yourself. One way I try to remember those ideas is to visualize an image, which can be easier to remember than words. And I keep a piece of paper and pen by my bed, so if something really inspires me after I’ve gotten into bed and I’m afraid I’ll forget, I write it down immediately. And this is a perfectly fine post, since it’s a common problem for all us writers. Don’t give up! Keep writing, as one of my writers’ group members used to say at the end of every meeting.

  3. Hey, we can’t wrestle with every word or we’d never get anything on ‘paper’. That’s why I like the blog concept, that we can get our thoughts down quickly. They may not be perfect, but we’ve had the opportunity to share and practice. Keep trying!

  4. I think that happens to us all. I mull over what I could write in the shower, out for a run, anywhere in general where it would be inconvenient to write it down. You’ll get back to that slice you want.

  5. I bet you will have something more tomorrow and I think your honest reflection is a reality all writers face and must accept. How comforting for your readers and how fun you have a blog just for slicing.

  6. Complete honesty! That’s what hits the page best. You’ve certainly done that here. I can feel your frustration and exasperation. Don’t think, don’t rehearse. Put a picture in your mind…any picture and let it spin. You’re a great writer. And all writers get stuck when they overthink their words! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! (No two days in writing are the same, right?!)

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