SOLSC 2015: Day 1

This is my third year doing the March SOL Challenge. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever fully participated in anything this many times! The past two years my goal was really just to get something down and published, even if it wasn’t a “true” slice of life piece of writing. There is definitely a huge part of me that wants that to be my only goal this year (as my life since July has been incredibly stressful and I am finally starting to bring myself down, and I don’t just want to add more stress to my life!), but I don’t know that I’d be very happy with myself if I did that. Maybe having a secondary goal of having ~80% (so 25 of my 31) of my posts be true efforts of a SOL piece?

In other news, I realized I won’t be writing any of these pieces in the same places I wrote my last posts as I have moved back to my home state. I’ve had big changes in my life, and how well does that fit in with this! I have always regretted not having better “memory catchers” during certain times in my life- I don’t have and journals or pieces of writing or pictures from many things I’ve done and am definitely learning that as time fades, so do the memories in my mind. (So after writing this paragraph I’m thinking YES, I do need that secondary goal!).

So anyway, I’m going to start this month of with an actual SOL piece. I remember one year someone did something like “Ten Things Right Now,” or that’s what I remember it to be. It might be fun to have both my first and last posts be this type!

Ten Things Right Now

  1. It is nasty outside. We have lots of leftover snow/ice, and we’re getting freezing rain/sleet/wintery mix with maybe some snow at some point throughout today. I’m more than ready for spring!
  2. I have three more months left of this school year!
  3. I am starting my first full month in my new apartment. I have all the necessities, but I’m ready to start making this home!
  4. Though I’m trying to be less stressed, I’m starting all over again! I have an opportunity at work I think I would like, but I definitely need to make a commitment before the end of the year. And it is a pretty big commitment: I’d need to take a certain amount of classes within the next year, and it might change the school I teach at. I’d like to have some of my questions answered, but as it’s a new program, there aren’t really any answers yet. While in theory I’d love to go for this opportunity, I’m kind of scared without some firm answers.
  5. I have grading to do today that I’ve put off. And I’m continuing to put off…
  6. And I’m not super excited about the next few things I need to teach in class. If I can get through this month I think I can have some things I’m *really* excited about for April and May, though.
  7. I’m not getting to the gym today. And I think I’m ok with that. 😉
  8. While I don’t mind being a homebody, I enjoy it better when I’m the one choosing to do it. I am scared to go out right now because I’m thinking there’s a good amount of ice on the roads. I find myself looking out the window and wanted to just go somewhere, anywhere!
  9. This is getting a bit long and maybe I should have done a list of five.
  10. I’m excited to be a part of this challenge again!

2 responses

  1. I’m starting this for the first time, and honestly am not completely certain what qualifies as a “real” slice of life. I think maybe it’s a little story of my day, which seems a little hard because some days are kind of low key and maybe not very interesting. I wish you luck on your new situation. I hope you find it all to your liking!

  2. So glad you are joining again this year! I am in the middle of testing season so I m wondering if I will make all 31 days. Well, it is good goal to have. If I don’t, I will enjoy the days that I can by writing and reading wonderful posts like yours!

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