SOL 7/22/14

I saw where someone asked the question “Was your first job your dream job” and it definitely made me think. When I started looking for a job after I finished school, I knew I wouldn’t really have a shot at my “top two” districts. One of them was just very small and there were two or three schools I could work at; the other one was a bit different. I had an interview and some bits there, but then there was a hiring freeze and I knew I couldn’t wait for it to be over. So, I expanded my search to cities I never thought about previously. Again, I quickly learned I probably wouldn’t get my “first choice” grade level (I’m putting these phrases in quotes because I knew I wasn’t sure if these were the districts/grades for me but they were what I wanted to try first). I kept getting interviews for positions in grades that I knew I probably wouldn’t want, and one grade I knew I didn’t want, but at that point I needed a job and I was going to take what I could get.

So I got a job in one of my last choice grade levels, but it was in a city I thought I would love and in a school that looked awesome. I’ve had the opportunity to try various grade levels at the school throughout the years, learned what I like and what I don’t, and learned what I need in a workplace and what I could do without. As it turns out, this city is definitely not what I want, even though it has tons of great aspects. This school is definitely not for me; some of those reasons are things that aren’t bad and are just things that exist in these types of schools, but some things are things I just am so over and don’t need to deal with. (This is when I wish I could be more specific because this paragraph could use some work!)

I’m excited about my new job in this new city. It’s almost a complete 180 from where I’m at and what I’m doing now in a lot of aspects! It could very well be my dream job! The funny thing is, this is one of the last places and grade levels I thought I would want to do. But without these past few years in this place that is not the dream, I may never have this new dream job. I’m definitely learning to take what I’m giving and learn and grow from it. Here’s hoping I can continue to do that!


5 responses

  1. It’s a process, isn’t it, discovering what makes one’s heart sing? I think that it’s always a bit of this and that when it comes to a “dream job” or “dream city” – compromising on somethings that don’t matter 9in the end) so much in order to make sure that we keep the things that matter most. Good luck, Tara.

  2. Good luck on your adventure! I have always kind of taken a tale what comes view, but I can see the benefits of having and reaching for goals too 🙂

  3. Hope your new position starts off smoothly. Good luck with new learning-just try to remember keep it about the kids!

  4. Best of luck with your new position. I have always been thankful – after time and insight – that some of my dreams never came true. Perhaps this is just what you need! Hope so.

  5. Well maybe it will be the best adventure you’ve ever had! Best of luck!

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