SOL July 15, 2014

I just wrote a post that was getting way too long and I think I lost my focus in it. Basically, it was about having those conflicting feelings now that my move is getting closer. I think about how this city has never felt like home, and I don’t want to continue to live like that! I think about how I can’t see myself at my school in ten years (at least, I won’t be happy there). But I also think about those few really special people I’ve met here who make it hard to leave. Who I will really miss and I will be heart broken if we don’t keep in touch. And about how isn’t it funny that the sweetest part is what is making this so hard?


4 responses

  1. I frequently write too long and lose focus. 🙂 Iusually put it away and come back to it, either something in there is what I am trying to say and I can clarify and shape, or I just got the messy stuff out of the way of my mind so I can write something new. Either way, sometimes it has to happen. 🙂

  2. Every transition point in life is bittersweet, I think – but we move forward and take the best memories with us so that we can build new lives, new memories. I am so looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures!

  3. Moving is hard! I’ve changed schools several times and can say it has been hard each time. You’ll keep the true friends!

  4. I think moving is like leaving a little piece of yourself behind – never easy.

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