SOL 7/8/2014

I’m trying to deal with a lot of things right now and so my mind is all over the place. I think I did a “10 Things Right Now” post at one point, so I’m going to do a “Right Now” post to get some stuff OUT of my head!

*My new job was supposed to become official today, but they cancelled the school board meeting! I won’t get my contract until after the board approves it. I’ve been told it’s just a formality, the school and HR and proceeding as if I have been officially hired, they’ve signed me up for trainings, etc., but I am NOT resigning from my current job until I have signed a contract. I want that thing signed so my principal has plenty of time to find someone awesome to take over my spot AND so I can feel like I can actually breathe!

*I’m very nervous about this move. The date I need to go in for my new job keeps getting pushed up, and I will end up starting this school year about a month sooner than my current school. I’m not saying this as a complaint, but I feel as though my summer has been all dealing with this job. Another reason I want to sign that contract- I want to have a week or two where I’m just dealing with summer and having fun! Guess I need to just do that anyway! 🙂

*I’m trying to get back into running. After making a few small gains, I had one of the worst runs ever last night. Hoping today will be better.

*I need to go clothes shopping. Badly. I’d also like some extra money to fall in my lap so I can do that.

*Moving- in the past, my mom and I have moved all my stuff. With my last move, I was finally in my own place and at a point where I was ready to buy some bigger pieces of furniture. So now, I have hit that limit where I need some movers. And I am finding that is going to be $$$.

*Life is very $$$.

*There are some marathons on of shows I like but I keep seeing episodes I’ve seen recently. That is a waste!

*In case it wasn’t clear- I AM READY FOR MY CONTRACT.

*More contract stuff.

Blah blah blah.
The end.

2 responses

  1. I hope you get that contract ASAP – meanwhile, you might as well have some fun!

  2. It’s helpful to write when our minds are so full!
    Today is a new day!

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