Stay or Go? Or Do I Even Have a Choice?

I moved out of state and away from everyone I knew to start my first teaching job. And this is what I wanted; I knew that if I stayed close to where I am from, I would probably never leave. (Mostly because I thought of course I’d be married by now, and probably at least close to having my first kid. LOL youth.) There’s nothing wrong with staying where you’re from, but my hometown is not what I want, and I knew I needed to grow up and become more independent.

With each year though, I know a little bit more that I want to go back closer to home. There are some opportunities there I want to do, and ways I want to grow in my career that I just can’t do here.

Last year I was close to being all in to trying to come back. I let some key people know that I was looking, and I started applying for jobs. Then my sister moved halfway across the country. My good friend who lived close moved away. The jobs being posted were not really what I was looking for, so I said I’ll give it another year.

Now I’m here and I’m ready. Except there’s nothing! The number of positions that have been posted are still in the single digits. And I’ve expanded my search zone! I’ve emailed principals, even ones at schools that didn’t have positions posted.

I’m going to run into trouble soon. I’m going to have to either renew or end my lease where I’m at now in a few weeks, and I am not going to end my lease unless I have another job lined up! And more trouble- I’m not excited about staying. This is definitely something I can and will fix if it ends up that I have to go back, but I just know that I’ve pretty much reached the ceiling where I work now. I either get passed up for opportunities or they just aren’t available. I have a vision of where I want to be, I see how to get there, I just need to do it. But I need a few things to work with me to make this happen.

I just keep trying to tell myself what will be will be. Continue to work hard, do my best to stay positive, and…ugh. Give myself like a five minute vent/woe-is-me time? 😉


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  1. You know where you want to be. You know how to get there. You will!

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