Monthly Archives: May, 2014


I’ve written before about needing to get a new job. It’s a scary journey, especially because if I do get a new job, it’ll  mean moving back to my home state (that’s really the only way I’ll make any more money at this point).

I’ve been looking at one district in particular but they have had very few positions in the area I want to apply in. On Sunday, I somehow ended up on a certain school’s website. This school is definitely NOT somewhere I’d ever imagined myself working. They happened to have one position in a subject I’m a little hesitant to teach, but I think I could enjoy. It’s also for a grade level that I would probably either love or hate- no in between. I spent what little free time I had on Monday filling out the application, working up the courage to ask (and then actually asking) colleagues to be a reference, gathering all (ALL) of the extra information (I forgot how much stuff you have to send in when you apply for a teaching position! I checked into the night to make sure the position was still up, and this morning I faxed in all the info…

to come home to check the website again to find that all of the positions were gone! Not posted! No positions available!

Along with all of the other reasons I’m looking for a new job, I realized today I’ve most likely hit my ceiling at my current place. There are tons of things I’d like to do, and I’ve made it clear I’d like to do these things, but I keep finding out these opportunities are given to one of a few colleagues at work. Most of us aren’t even made away of a number of the opportunities, and with this latest one I have show interest and gone to workshops on my own time. I’ve been trying this process out in my own classroom and have hit the point where I need to work with others on it. I wasn’t even asked to be a part of the group discussing this at school. It’s very clear that these opportunities are going to go to this small group (which I happen to like each person and I work with these people A LOT). 


I feel like I’m either a day late and a dollar short or I’m just not wanted! I’m hoping to find a place where I can grow and shine and be a part of the community.