SOLSC 2014, Slice 20

I’m still working on making it a habit more be more positive. So in the spirit of that, here are some things I’m thankful for:

  • the cinnamon rolls I’m making
  • the fact that I can read. Most of the time I don’t even think about this, but working with the group of kids I work with on Thursday afternoons makes me so thankful I can read and that I enjoy it.
  • the fact that I can get things like my new phone
  • some of the really great, positive people I work with

And I will end with a goal:

  • I’ve very embarrassed about this, but I’m too embarrassed to go up to the staff at the gym to ask questions. Well, I signed up for a “challenge” at the gym (even though I was embarrassed to!), and it has started. Apparently you put little stickers up each time you exercise. Well, I have no idea where the stupid stickers are! I was going to ask the first time I went this week, but there were a lot of people there. I was going to ask tonight, but there were three workers talking in a group. This is one thing I really don’t like about myself and I’m working on. It’s so stupid! So, it is my goal to go and ask my stupid question when I go to the gym tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get it done!

3 responses

  1. What would you tell your students? There are no stupid questions! (Of course, as teachers, we know all of the exceptions to this rule.)
    I, too, would have had difficulty asking about the stickers.
    Best wishes on being brave tomorrow. If you are strong enough to work out and exercise you might as well as take the next step of bravery and get that sticker. 🙂 Happy Friday to you!

  2. I like your habit of being more positive. I think we all need to work on that more often! I also think it’s great to pose one specific goal for ourselves each day. Thank you for sharing these two great ideas in this slice. Good luck finding the stickers tomorrow (And, if you end up not finding them, go buy yourself some stickers, and motivated yourself in your own way!) 🙂

  3. You can do it! I like the quote from the movie, “We Bought a Zoo.”
    “It only takes 20 seconds of courage.”

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