SOLSC 2014, Slice 17

Well, today has been interesting, to say the least. Things are happening at work, and I’m hoping they will all sorted out by the end of the week.

With that, I’ve definitely realized things about myself over these past few days. First, I’m getting back to my go-with-the-flow ways. I think I’ve been able to keep that up on the outside (one thing people at work say about me is I’m really flexible and I don’t let things get to me; I’m sorry to a few people in my personal life to get to hear all my venting and see me really get stressed out!), but now I’m feeling that I’m getting that back to that on the inside. Sooo happy about that!

With all that has been going on at work, I finally got on the iPhone trend. How late am I? Usually when I got a new piece of technology, I spend hours on it. I’ve had my phone for about an hour and I’m over it now. I’m pretty happy about that. Luckily, I got the phone for free so it’s not like I paid a lot for it. I’m hoping I don’t get addicted to it. 🙂

I’m looking forward to watching some silly TV tonight and letting recent events go. I’m not stressed right now, but if this work stuff continues it might be hard to not get stressed.



One response

  1. Letting your mind wander and go with the flow. That’s how my mind works most days, too. Good luck with all you are handling right now!

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