SOLWC 2014, Slice 13

We have some sort of virus running through our grade level. I haven’t gotten it yet (knock on wood), but many of my kids have.

Am I allowed to say these have been some of the best days of the year? 

I do enjoy my kids, and I try really hard to remember that when my crazy ones turn up the crazy. But this is a ridiculous time of year anyway, when it seems pretty much all of them have forgotten every single thing they have ever been taught, and they’ve acquired the worst manners in the world. So turned up crazy doesn’t really work for me.

These past few days, I’ve have quiet independent work time (and every single one was on task the entire time). I haven’t had to repeat directions. I’ve had quite a chunk out the last two days in particular, and so I’ve gotten to sit down with every kid and talk and work with them one-on-one.

You better believe I’m enjoying this while it lasts!!!


4 responses

  1. It’s truly amazing how the absence of a certain few can completely change the energy in the classroom.

  2. This kind of reminds me of delayed opening days when a lot of kids don’t come to school. You don’t want to move forward with lessons that all of the kids need, but on the other hand, the time-on-task is often greater when there are less kids in the room.

  3. It did always seem like a different mood throughout the day when the class size was reduced due to sickness. We could do some pretty intensive stuff for some reason.

  4. At a conference years ago, the presenter asked if anyone knew the ideal number of students for an ideal class. The answer: two less than you have now! 🙂

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