SOLSC 2014- Slice 12

Feelings From Today:

Happiness- our meeting in the morning ended a few minutes early, so I got to my room on time. Usually the meetings run late, and I have a meeting during planning time so I just feel rushed the whole day. Not today!

Relief- the little bit of rain we had came early, and the sun came out just a few minutes after my class went out for recess. I am not a fan of indoor recess, and it ended up being beautiful, even if it was too windy.

Ahhhh- like I said, it was way too windy. I had no idea it was going to be this windy. Great day to wear a flowy skirt!!

Ahhhh more- we were told buses were going to be 30-40 minutes late. So of course, we have to stay after with the kids. :/

At ease- all of my bus riders who drive me crazy were either absent or car riders today. I only had three kids who rode the bus today, and we all just sat and read while we waited. It was nice!

Bloated- Like, not even funny. This level of “bloatness” doesn’t happen too often, but I’m ready for this to pass! 😉

Worried- I can’t fit into any of my pants because I’m so bloated! What the heck am I supposed to wear tomorrow? It’s too cold for a skirt or dress. And I have to stay after for tutoring. It’s going to be a very uncomfortable day tomorrow.

Tired- the end.


One response

  1. What a great idea to go through the emotions of a day! Hooray, indeed, for outside recess! Glad you were also able to enjoy the extra time waiting with kiddos for the bus! What a great way to “teach” kids by doing. Just sitting and reading together!

    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Amanda – ELA 101

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