SOLSC 2014, Slice 9

This is the time of year when:

  • I have a better idea for my schedule (that I really have no say in in the first place so…)

  • I look back and think, If I had just done X or Y, this would be going so much more smoothly!

  • We start to get little snippets of PD about the things they wanted us to do in our classrooms from the start (??? Hi, it’s March)

  • We look up and see we’ve only just begun our climb on that huge hill we need to get over

  • We all start feeling a little bit done

  • If a lesson or something goes really well, if feels really, really good!

  • I know I don’t have much time left with these kids

  • I know I need a break, but I also know it’ll all be over soon

  • I get all these really awesome ideas that I want to do RIGHT NOW!!!

  • I. Am. Tired. !!

4 responses

  1. You so capture the frustration of this time of year. I wish you and everyone rest and revitalization, you have given so much.

  2. You have captured so many feelings we all feel. I try to give myself a day of learning at Teachers College (March 22nd) to pump me up and get me through the race to the finish line.

  3. I love this post! It is exactly where I am right now.

  4. You said exactly what I am feeling!

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