SOLSC 2014- Slice 4

Staying Focused

I know that one of the things I need to work on is being more positive. I tend to really focus on the negative, or even the perceived negative, things that happen throughout the day. Sometimes it seems like that’s all that I remember about the day!

I do feel like I have been making some progress here, but today is not one of those progress days! It wasn’t even actually a bad day is the thing that’s killing me! I think that, like I wrote about yesterday, a lot of smaller things seem to be taking their toll.

I am really trying to find fun experiences for my students. I seem to be picking read alouds they really enjoy, and this week we get to Skype with one of their favorite authors. There is another opportunity that no one else gets to do. It’s a lot of work on my part and is actually a really awesome opportunity. I’m also in the thick of helping one student in particular with something huge that his parents should be doing, but can’t. And that’s probably why things seem to be hitting me more than they usually would. While I am not doing these things to hear everyone (or anyone really) thank me, it would be nice to get a little something other than snary comments!

The other day, I asked for volunteers to do something. I called the first three kids I saw who raised their hands, and then I hear one boy comment, “Yeah, of course her favorites.” First, these kids aren’t even my favorites. 🙂 (Of course I don’t have those!) Second, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard something like that. I just let it go. Today, I was at work late with some other teachers and one of my kids came up to another teacher to talk, and walked right past me. This is a kid who begged to move up with me and would freak out any time he thought he heard I wasn’t actually going to be teaching fifth this year. !!!

I think I might just sit down with this group sometime tomorrow and reiterate why I’m holding them accountable for the things I’m holding them accountable for, why they are getting “in trouble” (I speak to them when they butt into other’s conversations, for example), why it’s important to show respect (especially in a classroom community), etc.

Ugh, there are good things happening! I know there are. But I think this is one of the frustrating parts of relationships in general- it’s hard to not take a lot of these things personally, even when at the heart of it the people doing the actions probably don’t really mean to hurt you.

*I hope this makes some sense! This one really is a stream-of-conscious writing piece.


2 responses

  1. This post made perfect sense. I feel like I just had this conversation with a co-worker. Sometimes in the moment of teaching students a life lesson it also teaches us a life lesson. Holding students accountable will not be something they appreciate right now, and they may not understand your intentions right away. However, a moment like this can teach you perseverance and having faith in what you are doing it ultimately what’s best for the students.

  2. I feel like we so know the other— keep focusing on the positive (I know that it is very hard to do sometimes) and see how attitudes will slowly change and how your days will get better!

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