SOLSC 2014, Slice 1

First, I am 99% positive I’m doing SOL writing wrong. At this point, I think I’m finally realizing the power of writing in my life. I’m sure I’ll never write a book, and if I can ever get my act together enough to try to write an article or something, it’ll most likely be something about my teaching. And really, me sitting down to do that? Chances = not good.


Instead, right now I’m looking at all these pieces of writing as slices of my life. Little slices about how I feel about my life right now. I don’t know if I’m deep in the middle of a quarter-life crisis or something, but I am a hot mess I need to write these thoughts/feelings/experiences out. Maybe that will help me see things in my life more clearly? I don’t know. (I do know I’ll probably be horrified if I ever look back and read these! Ha, I’m scared to go back and reread my writing from last year.)

So, similar to last year, my main goal will be to just write for these 31 days. I did it last year, hopefully I can do it again this year! A smaller goal of mine is to write a few “real” Slice of Life posts throughout the month, as well. AND to focus more on the positives in my life. They’re there, I just need to see and appreciate them.


4 responses

  1. Yes, there are always positives! I enjoy your voice in this piece. I agree it’s hard to make the time to write and I often feel I have nothing worth sharing so this challenge is great for me too. 31 days? I can do anything for 31 days. I’m a teacher for Pete’s sake. Let’s be vulnerable together and see where it takes us this month. Good luck!

    1. Good luck to you, too!

  2. So glad that you are joining in! I have always found that when I am out of ideas, some one else’s slice will get me thinking. This is a creative writing community!

  3. In March, I don’t think you can do anything wrong. Slicing is all about writing and sharing and it seems to me you did that pretty well! Looking forward to more

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