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SOLSC 2014, Slice 31

My head is about to E X P L O D E

My nose is about to C L O S E

My throat, I don’t even know.

What a way to end this challenge, huh?

Booooo allergies.


SOLSC 2014, Slice 30

As this challenge winds down, I’m beginning to think about how this relates to other areas of my life. So long as I manage to link a post tomorrow, I will have successfully completed this challenge twice now.

I’m thinking that if I can complete this month-long challenge, why are there so many smaller things in my life that I continue to leave undone?

I am hoping to participate in the Tuesday challenge for the rest of the year, but I also want to get these smaller tasks done as well. I’m thinking I might try to do a 15-minute cleaning challenge for the month of April. Where is the website where I sign up to do that?! ūüėČ

SOLSC 2014, Slice 29

I almost didn’t get to this today!

After yesterday’s post, I’m thankful for a night like tonight. I appreciate the relationships I’m developing and the positivity I’m getting from some of these people in my life.

I want to work on making sure I’m a positive person to be around and that I help make people feel better about themselves.

And with that, I’m completely done. Long but awesome day!

SOLSC 2014, Slice 28

A quick note to get something down today:

I do not live near my family. I live hundreds of miles from most of my immediate family, thousands of miles from a few of them. That doesn’t mean we can’t be close, but it does involve effort from all involved. It makes me sad when I try and don’t get any effort in return.

On the flip side, I am forming deeper relationships with some new people in my life. A part of me is sad about this, because I know this place I’m living in right now is not¬†home. I don’t want to be here forever. I hope that if I ever do get the opportunity to move on someplace else, I can keep these new relationships that are forming.

The older I get, the more important relationships are to me. While it hurts me that some in my life don’t seem to feel the same way, it’s nice to find new people at this point in my life who do, and who want to work on building a friendship with me. It seems like I hear from a lot of people the older you get, the harder it is to form new relationships. Again, I’m sad I don’t have that family connection I want so much, but I hope I can focus on the wonderfulness of friendships!

SOLSC 2014, Slice 27

Tomorrow will be a very tiring end to a very tiring week. I have a long-anticipated event happening tomorrow (that I helped put together, so that makes it even more emotionally draining, but in a good way), something happening at the end of the school day that happens each month but is¬†not¬†my favorite thing (and wears me out every time, not really in a good way), and then a late basketball game (which stresses me out,¬†I’m hoping in a good way ūüôā ).¬†

I am already ready for bed and waking up to a weekend of doing nothing (except for that grading I’ve been putting off…whoops).


SOLSC 2014, Slice 26

When I got home from work today, I thought about a girl I have in class last year, and one I have this year. On the outside, they are both easy to get mad and aggravated at. One thing about the girl last year is she was repeating the grade. I hadn’t had her her first year in the grade level, but I knew her. No one volunteered to have her in class for her repeat year, so I did.¬†

I saw her in the office on the first day of school, walked up to her with a big smile on my face, and told her how excited I was for her to be in my class. I talked to her and realized I knew why she acted how she did a lot of the time. I had some similar issues growing up, and I very easily could have acted out that way growing up. I didn’t, but why? I also realized she is learning a lot of this at home.

Empathy is what helped me. Honestly, before last year, I could name 100 negative things about myself, but I struggled to come up with one positive thing. She helped me realize I’m empathetic and I could make connections with one of “those” kids.¬†

This year, I’m having trouble connecting with one of my newer students. She doesn’t come to school often, she is doing some “flirting” with some of the boys in my class (and you know the three kids in class who should stay away from each other, but always find each other and it’s just¬†no no no– it’s that group), she rolls her eyes at me and tries to make fun of me and students in my class. I was getting really exasperated with her and really just frustrated. Well, I had a talk with her today (about some random thing) and something started taking form in my mind. When I got home, I thought about it some more. Things are starting to make some sense, and that empathy is kicking in. (I know empathy isn’t¬†whoo this simple and stuff, but I’m just writing here!)¬†

Tomorrow I’m going to call her over and just talk to her. I probably won’t have the relationship I had with the other student, but we need to come to some sort of something. I think I’m starting to get her now, and I want to help her succeed. Hopefully I can help her and we can salvage some sort of relationship before she leaves for next year.

SOLSC 2014, Slice 25

I think this time period in my life is all about growth.

Today, I definitely had a moment where I realized I’ve grown; in the past, a parent questioning every. thing. I. do. would leave me fuming. I would get an email from this parent, and I’d remain agitated all night.

It seems every year I have one parent who just grates on my nerves, and I can never do anything good enough for this person. This is where all of my focus would be. Never mind the fact I had 20-28 other families who were happy with what I was doing with their kids.

One day during recess, I was talking to a student in another class. She was so upset over something, and I just asked her if it was worth it. Was it¬†that big of a deal? Was it worth ¬†having a horrible rest of the day? No? Ok, let it go! Later that night, I got an email from that year’s parent. BAM- emotional spike! And then I thought about the conversation I had with that student that day, and it hit me that I was doing the same thing.

Ever since that night, I’ve been working on this. Today, I realized I’d made a lot of growth. Sure, there are some times where this still gets to me, but more often than not I’m able to get over it and not let it ruin my day. Yay growth!

SOLSC 2014, Slice 24

Sometimes you just gotta get through the day. My day started with a parent coming in unannounced before school started, and yes, I was busy with other things I needed to get done. Especially because I didn’t have my planning today, since I had to be in a meeting that really didn’t involve me at all. Then the headache started (and still hasn’t left).

This week will be full, without much time to breathe. Some of the things I’m ready to just do and get them over with, and other things I’m excited about and have been waiting for for a while now.

And now it’s time to stop whining and start choosing to think positively.¬†

SOLSC 2014, Slice 23

Drizzly day.

Slow start.

Easing into getting things accomplished.

A late night will happen.

Sad, because of early wake-up call tomorrow.

Already ready for this coming week to be over.

*And breathe*

SOLC 2014, Slice 22

Lazy Saturday 

Today I should have:

  • gotten up early
  • graded many, many papers
  • gotten lots of free paper
  • checked things off my long list

Instead, I:

  • overslept (but I needed it)
  • tried to get the paper, but had some many things go wrong it wasn’t worth the one pack of paper I walked out with and probably didn’t even need
  • watched a lot of basketball
  • had a lazy, lazy day

I cannot believe it’s after 7. One thing I really don’t like about sleeping in is I feel like I wasted the entire day. When I can wake up early and start checking things off my list before I eat lunch, I feel¬†really accomplished!

Here’s to an¬†extremely¬†productive Sunday!!