I’ve been wondering a lot about why I can’t seem to get myself on a schedule. During my final few years of undergrad I started getting myself into a schedule of the things that needed to be done (except the whole schoolwork thing, which got done right before it needed to be. Oops). Grad school was even better (except for the schoolwork again, ha).

I was watching TV, and as I started looking around the room I was in, I wondered why on earth I can’t seem to get myself into any type of routine or schedule. And then it hit me- there aren’t really any consequences I (apparently) care enough about to make me change my ways. For example, when I was in school, I had to use the laundry facility. There were many popular times where I ended up having to wait it out for way longer than I cared to a few too many times. I discovered that if I went in at about 7:30-8 on Sunday mornings, I’d never have to wait. I could get all my laundry done, get to the school gym as it opened (wouldn’t have to wait for equipment!), shower, get brunch, and then I had the whole rest of the day to do whatever it was I needed. If I did laundry, I put it away because I basically just lived in a room and I needed things in their place if I wanted to be able to move around.

Now, I live in a place that has more than one room :), I have my own kitchen and cooking materials and my own washer and dryer and so on. If I don’t put my clothes away for a few weeks, I can put them in my bedroom and close the door. If I don’t feel like cleaning my kitchen right now, who cares? I live alone. 

The problem is, I’m more stressed out than I need to be. I have to dig through a pile of clothes to figure out an outfit. I have to stop and wash dishes so I can finish cooking the meal I’m in the middle of.

I’m glad I had that moment of clarity, and I hope I can use this info about myself to make some changes that will help me let go of some of my self-induced stress out of my life. There’s enough stress in this world without me creating my own. 🙂


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  1. I too do better with a schedule. I seem to get more done. The consequences of me not getting things done are the stressed our harried moments where I misplace things. I do also have a chronic disease that I manage so getting off schedule impacts me. Sometimes though..teaching and life carry us away.

  2. I know I benefit from having schedule, but I often get out of it. After a month and a half of snow days and delays, I am yearning for a regular schedule again. My big struggle write now is to create a schedule that will allow me to write more. I am thankful for the weekly and monthly March slices that keep me motivated!

  3. I always feel like I get more DONE when I have more to do. I guess it is because I am more organized at those moments! BAM

  4. Routine and schedules are not always easy to keep, but are worth the effort. When baseball and softball start for the kids we are all out of whack and living day by day.

  5. I hear ya! I’m in this predicament now! I keep things clean to an extent and stay organized, but when it comes to keeping a schedule, it never happens. I’ve tried different strategies to force myself into a routine, but I’m just not finding the right clue I guess. Reading this has made me think more about really needing to work harder at it because I to cause enough stress on myself!

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