Moving On?

So I have had a lot of little moments, slices of life, reminding me that I need to make a change, and they come up again and again and again… And then I am faced with the reality that for some reason, I cannot seem to make a decision to save my life. BUT BUT BUT…


…I need to. There are many things I am not happy with or crazy about regarding my life right now, and there is a decent amount of those things that I can choose to make better, if I would just act on it or make some changes myself. I think I’m finally getting fed up enough with myself that I am going to really make an effort to start making some of those changes.

5 responses

  1. Go for it – this is your life, you get to choose!

  2. When a certain ill-defined point is reached, it seems we can activate ourselves. I’m about at that point in some areas now, too!
    Just do it.

  3. You have already made the first step! Give it go!
    Clare and Tammy

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with that point, but I can relate!! Good luck!

  5. Go for it and good luck! We all reach that point at times in our lives. The regret only comes with inaction.

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