Slow Down,

back up, try to fix.

I had an issue with one of my classes. We just started this “class” last week and I was excited to try out some strategies I had learned over the summer. Did them last week. CRASH AND BURN. The quietest 26 student class you will ever meet. What had happened? These strategies were made for them!

I was using short pieces of text. I thought it wouldn’t overload them. Turns out, they can’t retell what they just read. I’m worried, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!

Moving on…yesterday, I still introduced a strategy. But, we stopped after chunks of text and asked, “What did I just read?” Then, after the whole piece of text we were reading, we stopped again and this time asked that question for the whole text. Granted the two strategies I introduced today and yesterday were by far the most obvious strategies, but engagement went up, and so did their understanding of the story. Small success!

In other news, I realize I need an office. And not my classroom. If I’m not doing stuff with my kids, it’s not gonna work. I see too many other things that also need to get done, and I can’t focus on one project. I had to laugh at myself earlier- I don’t even have a classroom in the building (I’m out in a trailer), how am I supposed to get an office in the building? 😉

But, wouldn’t it be kind of nice if we did have a separate office for just us? That would help me so much!


3 responses

  1. As much as it feels like failure when things crash and burn it is always a good reminder to step back and begin again. It is not always easy, but there will be a greater payoff for all involved.

  2. Hurray for small successes! I need an office too! And an office cleaner!

  3. Success… hooray!

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