Taking a Breath

This weekend was the final straw. Someone had to come to my apartment to look at an appliance. I didn’t think anyone would come on the weekend so I didn’t even bother pretending to clean up (usually I do a quick clean/move everything to a different area before someone comes over). Nope. Instead, when this person came, I was on my couch eating cotton candy and watching football looking a mess in my “outfit.” When he called me over to the appliance, I just looked around and saw everything. It’s like my apartment exploded. It’s not dirty, but I need to find a place for like 90% of my stuff. That is what I was supposed to do this summer. Instead I did pretty much nothing.

Last school year was not pleasant. I came home every day and didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t know if I was going to look for another job or not, so I told myself if I was maybe going to move, just wait for that. Then, I decided to stay where I was for at least another year. I told myself I’d use the summer to really clean and organize and blah blah. Honestly, this was a terrible summer. I’ve probably said before monthly bills increased by way too much, and then I found I found out another expense would be increasing…and yet I was still making a first year teaching salary. HELLO MORE STRESS. Turns out, I was also on medication that was doing seriously not good stuff to me, but my doctors and I thought it was just side effects of a condition that I have. Luckily, I ended up throwing up all day the first official day back at work, saw amy regular old primary care doctor, and got off that prescription. I already feel so much better.

BUT, I’ve still been letting stuff pile up. Hopefully, this weekend was the turning point. I started going through some things, took out two things of trash, put away all of my clothes, and dusted some. The sad news is, I can’t really see much of a difference. And, I was planning all of the things I was going to accomplish this upcoming weekend, but then I remembered I’d be out of town for all of it. So, I’m hoping to make myself commit to 15 minutes of apartment work each day from Monday-Thursday this week. Hopefully putting it in writing like this will make hold me accountable.


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