Setting Goals

**I do want to eventually get into the habit of writing actual Slice of Life pieces, but I feel that at this point in my life, I need to do these more reflective, journal-like pieces.**

Students came back to school last week. I am spending some time this year starting with several inventories and helping students set goals. I have participated in some of these surveys, and it seems like I’m a very procedural, step-by-step person. Of course there are some exceptions to this, but I reflected on my results from various surveys, as well as times in my life where I felt accomplished and happy, and times where I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Seems as though I am a creature of habit and I need structure and routine in my life big time. I kind of stepped away from this because I started getting very stressed out and decided I didn’t care, but I also got a little scared because if there was a disruption to my routine, I couldn’t just “go with the flow.”

With that said, I want to set some goals for myself that will help me pick up some of my old good habits, but I hopefully won’t feel too rigid in. I am going to set myself a limit of no more than three goals at any time. Usually, I start writing things down and the list gets so long I get overwhelmed and quit before I even get started. No more!

What I’m thinking my goals should be for right now:

  • Finding the positive. It is very easy for me to find the negative in things, especially myself. I have been getting better and making myself find something positive in my day and putting more positive vibes out into the world. I want to make sure the last thoughts I have before I fall asleep are positive ones!

  • Writing in my teaching journal at least once a week. I am thinking about making this one of my goals for a thing I have to do at work, and like I said before I don’t want to focus on too many goals at once. Last year, I found that when I did make the time to write about what was going on it helped a lot. Some weeks I wrote every day and then there would be a month gap. I really want to make sure I’m reflecting more consistently and writing down those thoughts.

  • Take more steps to be healthier. This one is always tricky for me. I want to run again! I want to cross train more! I want all of my meals to be healthy! I try to do too much at once and I usually crash and burn. I’m thinking that maybe I can sit down each Sunday and actually look at my week. Perhaps I can make a workout plan for that week and then think about one healthy meal I can make that week. I am in an eating rut and I’ve been eating out far too much. Once I can accomplish this I will look to slowly add on.

So there we go. It’s hard for me to stop there, as there are so many other things I wish I was doing, or so many things I’d like to change. But I know I can’t change everything at once and once one of these things becomes a habit, I can switch it out for something new.


3 responses

  1. Those are some wonderful goals. I try to remember that I do not have to be perfect to be effective! I hope your year is filled with many wonderful slices of life!

  2. Just met with my principal today and I need to start thinking…no writing, because I am always thinking…about what my goals are for this year. Quite a timely post for me!

  3. I like your comment “will help me pick up some of my old good habits.” I think I often forget that a forgotten old habit could actually be a good goal to resume.

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