Brain Dump

Whew, there is just too much going on! Instead of trying to organize everything, I’m just going to write as it comes:

-I’m stressed about my classroom. I went in early this year to set up. I have a new room with none of the storage I’ve had in my other rooms. I have to rethink everything. My room was probably about 85% complete, with lots of little things left. Found out my room, and a few others, had mold. Workers came, did the other two rooms, said they never got the order for my room. (I saw the order- all three rooms were clearly listed.) I have no idea when they are coming, and when they do they will take every single thing out of my room. So I get to set it up all over again, but this time I’m sure everyone else will be done with their room and be ready to plan. Ugh.

I did my walk/run this morning. For some reason I cannot seem to get myself back in an exercise routine. I used to work out six days a week and loved it. I ran a half marathon before. Now I’m struggling to do a 30 minute walk/run. BUT, today felt good. 

I kind of wish I could change my work schedule. I would have our one week of teacher workdays THIS week instead of next week, then have next week off, then start with the kids. That way, I could hopefully have all my materials this week and really relax before the kids start. Instead, everyone will come back next week, and I will have to try to get the rest of my classroom computers, the correct TV, ALL curriculum materials…and I won’t have time to go through the stuff I need to teach.

Which reminds me…this will be my fifth year teaching and it will be the fifth year I will be expected to teach new standards (grade change), yet I don’t get any time to look through my materials.

The person in charge of textbooks and math/science materials slacks on her job, and because of that we get all of our stuff late.

OK, I am going to make myself think positively! Tonight I will go to a training and by 9pm I should have all major pieces done so I can renew my teaching license in home state! Football will be starting soon. My Saturdays and Sundays will be full for a while! I saw my class list last week. It’ll probably change, but as of right now I think I will have a REALLY awesome class! There are a few behavior problems, but most of them have lost their “partners” and so I’m expecting much better from them. But I have a couple of super awesome kids who are excited to be in my class.

Whew. Feels better already!


10 responses

  1. Sorry to hear about the stressful start of the school year. Glad to know that writing and deliberate positive thinking helped you lessen the stress. I wish you a positive year with your students.

  2. I went into the classroom this morning for an hour and I became overwhelmed. I’m not ready to go back. At least now I have a plan of what I’m going to do and how I’m going to get it done. I can’t imagine having everything in place and know it’s going to be pulled apart for mold removal.

  3. Life is throwing you a curve, but your positivity at the end shows you are taking it all in stride. Hang in there, it will all fall into place.

  4. OH so many back-to-school stressors! I love that you seem to be finding ways to accept all the curve balls! Somehow, it always gets done…even though we don’t know how!

  5. Good luck in the start of your year and try not to stress. Take one day at a time-be in the moment for your students, really listen to them-all the other things will fall into place as they do-but most of all, put kids first.

  6. What a great idea – I need a brain dump so I can try for a fresh start.

  7. I love that you ended on a positive note. There is much that is beyond our control in our schools, but our attitude is ours to craft, maintain, and nourish. All the best for that important first day.

  8. My goal this year was to work on being more positive. But some days it is just harder than others isn’t it? Good luck and enjoy the rest of your days! Sounds like you are going to need them.

    1. The brain dump is a sort of purging where you let it all out. Then, you move on. Now more than ever it seems we just have to roll with it. I am in the second full week, and we just lost a position at our grade level–classes collapsed, lots of new students, some shifting of assignments, but nobody lost a job or got transferred.

  9. I love this idea of doing a brain dump in the midst of the stress. It sounds a lot like the whirling thoughts I always have about this time of year also. I have been teaching for fourteen years and the beginning of the school year always feels hectic. I have had to teach new standards almost every year in the last five years so I definitely can relate. Sounds like you have a great group of students. That is awesome!

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