Just Waiting…

Today was a lot of waiting. I had to wait for the cable guy to come and fix my cable (again). I had to wait at the DMV. (And thanks to a missing check mark, I will get to go wait again). Now I’m waiting on phone calls that I will hopefully get. I have started applying for part time jobs. Like a lot of other teachers, my pay has been frozen. I am still making the same amount as a first year teacher. Sadly, my bills are not the same as first year teacher me’s was. If only teacher salaries have risen at the same rate as our bills! 

If I have to find a silver lining, I will finally have the kick I need to start applying for new jobs next year. I had some restrictions this past year, and the schools that fit that did not look good at all. However, at the end of this upcoming school year, those will be gone and I can apply wherever I want. Sadly, if I want to make more (it’s more I need to make more), I will have to leave this state. Hopefully that will just lead to a good new adventure!

(By the way, I knew I wouldn’t be rich being a teacher, but I do expect to be able to support myself. I think it’s pretty wrong that I can’t. And I wish some teachers would stop making excuses for the not good pay. If I wanted to work with kids for free, I’d volunteer. Which I do, in addition to teaching! If we don’t think we deserve more, why should anyone else?)


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  1. You have a lot to say here – all so true. I tried today to stand up for myself in a salary negotiation. Not so easy. Wasn’t so successful. Money is only important when you don’t have enough.

  2. “Money is only important when you don’t have enough.” That is an awesome quote, and very true. I’m very sorry about the negotiation. In my experience, it’s the people who truly need the raise who don’t get it.

  3. There is no sane teacher who values what they do who would excuse away the sorry state of teacher salaries in this country. It is an abomination. And we all suffer for it. Go whewre the jobs are, where you can get a good deal. my dear – it WILL be an adventure, and it sounds as though you are more than ready for it!

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