Before I Die, I Want To…

Today, I will do the quick write from yesterday’s (whoops) Teachers Write. So, here is the first part where I just write down what comes to mind.

Before I die, I want to:

  • see the pyramids in Egypt
  • Go to Spain (should be going during Spring Break, so yay!)
  • travel to many many MANY more places, both within the US and out
  • be a little more spur-of-the-moment
  • buy a house I love (or make it into a house I love)
  • find someone I want to marry, and get married
  • have kids
  • take a LOT more classes. I especially want to do more writing, reading, history, and anthropology classes.
  • take a photography class (or more)
  • take pictures that I want to hang up and show off!
  • find the grade/age level and subject I absolutely love and teach that
  • become more involved in my community
  • find more hobbies
  • get back into running, and run more races
  • get to a place where I feel financially comfortable
  • stop buying things I can afford, and buy things that I want (but I will still be able to afford them!)
  • be able to say that I am HAPPY, and not just content

This is definitely a quick write that I hope that I revisit. I think that it is easy to just spill out a bunch of things that sound fun, but will I really be able to do this stuff? For example, right now I’m looking at six more years of student loans and a car loan. My paycheck hasn’t changed in these past four years, but ALL of my bills have grown. So, while it sounds great to travel, it’s not really realistic right now (I’m going on a school trip to Spain, so it’s free for me. Definitely won’t be my turn to go again for a LONG while!). I don’t want this list to be filled with a bunch of things I will not be able to do. So, hopefully later I will be able to come back and maybe pick a few realistic things at a time? Or maybe things will happen in my life and my list will change drastically. Hopefully I can keep this a fun thing and not a stressful, look at what I can’t do thing. 🙂


7 responses

  1. I llove that you started with the pyramids – and that your list contains happiness.

  2. Pyramids and Spain would have been on my list as well! I also like your last point!

  3. Your list is one of dreams and hopes for the future. Take one step at a time and you’ll achieve those that are really important to you. Nothing wrong with traveling through books to start you off. Next year you can mark one things off you list!

  4. At the turn of the century, 1999-2000, a group of women met together and had a little champagne. Each of us wrote a wish on a little slip of paper and stuffed them into a wish ball. Mine seemed so unrealistic at the time, to have a house that I loved. The wish came true in just 4 years. So much can happen. Dreams can come true. Don’t ever stop hoping.

  5. You cannot do it if you don’t imagine it first. You have taken a bold step.

  6. I love your list! Keep dreaming. Who knows where it will lead–or when!

  7. A dream list with things that seem both possible and impossible sounds good. Sometimes the wishes that are close by turn out to be the best, yet who could live without some big dreams? Be happy as you are seeking the dreams and enjoy them as they come true!

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