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I have quite a few drafts saved, but none are ready to publish. I am still working on making myself a WRITER. I know I need help. But how do you get that when you are out of school but not a professional writer? A few summers ago I participated in a Summer Institute of the local NWP branch,  and I had a writing group for two weeks. But that has fizzled out. I know my writing is very journal-like, and I don’t want to keep publishing that kind of stuff. I started the March Slice of Life Challenge to get myself back in the writing habit, and I let it be ok that that is what my writing is like. But I have some slices that I want to say more than that. They are moments I have enjoyed, or moments that have had an impact on me, and I want the writing to fit that. But I need help. Where can I get that?

This is this issue I have always had with writing and speaking. I never feel like I really have the words to match the pictures in my head, or the feeling something gave me. And that just gets so frustrating! I already know that I identify as a reader (shouldn’t that HELP me?!?), how can I really identify as a writer?


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  1. You have a voice and I have experienced finding mine just by writing, writing and then writing some more. That inner critic we all have speaks so loudly sometimes! Tell that critic to let you experiment and craft work in different styles. There are certainly writing books you can read, writing you can use as mentor text to emulate but it comes to practice I think. I have found this online community to be encouraging and supportive. Let us be your audience. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I find that community is so important. I am trying to gather some teachers together to write. It seems that it is so challenging because everyone is so busy. Do you have a trusted friend? Someone that will listen and give feedback?

  3. Just keep writing. Write for you. Journal writing is real writing and the more you write the more you will feel like a “real” writer.

  4. My writing took off when I started writing every day on my blog. Just exercising my writing muscle was what I needed to feel like I was a writer. I was read often but I didn’t care. I was really writing for me and publishing to an audience that might be reading along.
    I just published two pieces today. Boy do I feel amazing. Keep writing…just keep writing. That’s my 5 cents.

  5. I think you should use the structure and sound of writers you love to read to mentor you. Take a passage, dissect it, copy the structure wholly or in part to write the content of something in your notebook. See if you like the way it sounds. Try it another way. Name what you like in the writing you read so that you can replicate it.

  6. It sounds like you might be too hard on yourself. Your voice comes through in your writing and you’ve got an audience right here with SOL. Can you connect with your co-directors of your Summer Institute? Maybe you can get a small group together. I’ve even had a small writing group with some of the teachers in my building. I say keep on writing and share your work. Write for yourself and see where it goes. I think you’re on the right track…don’t give up. 🙂

  7. Why do you not consider yourself a writer? You have put words to a page, that’s writing. You have evoked conversation with your thoughts. Writers do that too. Stop censoring yourself in what you think is “real” writing. You are really a writer.

  8. I agree with all the comments above. And I think you should take a risk and publish one of your other drafts on here, even if it’s not yet quite ready. You’ll get some feedback, but more importantly, you’ll have taken the risk!

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