We are preparing for state tests in my class. That means this week, I want them doing Read to Self as much as possible. I’m switching it up some. Some days, we try for at least one hour of a book, others I’ll split it up- 30 minutes of a fiction book, 30 minutes non-fiction. I’ll meet with a few kids one-on-one to go through some test-taking strategies, if only to build confidence. I just want my kids to read a lot, to enjoy reading, and to be able to think through texts they struggle with. I think those are great goals for fourth graders.

A memory that I had recently that helped reinforce this- around this time last year, I would go to the bookstore either later in the evening or early in the morning during the weekends. I enjoyed that time to really get away from all of the people and hustle and bustle of everything (and I enjoyed there being a seat open for me- usually after 10 am they’re all taken for what seems like forever). Anyway, on this particular morning I was reading from In the Middle and a part of a song came on the speakers and it was just a wonderful moment. I was relaxed, there was soothing music on, and I was lost in a book, picturing in my head what that environment was like and imagining myself there. 

They were playing a recently released album, and as I was driving home last weekend, the single’s newest single, that song I heard about a year ago, came on. It took my back to that moment in the bookstore and I felt relaxed again (for a minute, anyway!).


2 responses

  1. That is a sweet moment to capture and reflect on.

  2. If they are reading and enjoying reading, the tests will not be an issue. Reading is for life.

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