I have never been good with words. I’m very much the quiet type. I think that’s why I’ve never been much of a writer. I can’t really explain myself well, and I’m very private. Which irritates me to no end because I am trying so hard to work through this part of my life, this stuck feeling that has been around for far too long. And I know some people write to work through things, but I am finding myself saving so many drafts, trying to work through feelings but just ending up more frustrated because I don’t feel like I can express myself enough to help myself.

But to end on a positive note, after handing out progress reports, a struggling student did two things. He said, “Let me go ahead and tell you what my mom will say- thanks for all you do” and then hugging me, then said, “You make me learn.” Sometimes it’s really hard for me to see all of the positives in my life so it’s good when they just jump out at me like that!


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  1. It can be daunting to be honest on paper – especially if you imagine an audience. But it is a first step to writing well and to really hearing what is in your own heart and coming to terms with it. Write it without judgement and reflection. Don’t write for any audience other than yourself. Write without letting yourself stop to think. When it comes into your head, write it.

  2. How wonderful of that struggling student to show gratitude for how you have helped him learn….and the fact that he said his mother would say that makes me know that she and he have had positive conversations about you. As for your difficulty in writing your feelings….it looks like you are doing that now…you expressed yourself quite well…and being quiet is not a bad thing…you are probably a great listener (which the world needs)…and when you do speak…people probably stop to listen as they know it must be something important. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

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