Getting Something Out

When it rains, it pours!


I have several drafts that I would like to sit down and write, but I know I’m not “there” yet with them. So instead, I’ll just do some rambling/~free writing.

I recently went to a writing conference where we did an “actual” free write. We were challenged to write nonstop for 10 minutes straight. I was able to do it, and was surprised at what I saw. I am a very quiet person, and I don’t necessary share a lot, especially with things that are bothering or worrying me. It was interesting to see how much was actually on my mind. And, it was interesting to see that every other person at my group saw the same thing in their writing! Is that a teacher thing?!

Anyway, I started to feel just a bit more at peace with some things, and then this weekend happened. I feel as though I am stuck. I just learned that my sister is moving away (I currently live 5 hours from her- it’ll now take about a day to drive), and I think that is what really set me off. But you know, it can’t just stop there- I need more things to worry about! Like my car that is slowly dying on me, and I don’t have the money for a new (to me) one. I am about to enter my fifth year of teaching and I am still making the same amount I made my first year. And so on and so forth.

I really want to be a more positive person!! I want to stop dwelling on the negatives, but I really do need to get some of these things taken care of. The hard thing is, these things either  don’t have a quick/easy fix, or there are some things that I can’t do anything about at all. 

Oh boy. One day, something will click and this will all work out!


4 responses

  1. I’m so sorry for all your struggles. I hope your writing helps you find a place to put your thoughts, and your wisdom helps you change what you can. I sometimes try to turn those negatives to positives or at least to see the positive side (I know sometimes hard). At least I have a sister with whom I have a great relationship. At least I have a teaching job–so many teachers are without jobs–or have been RIFed. At least my car is still running…

    I don’t know if that helps; sometimes it helps me. Good luck in seeing through the negatives and finding the positives.

    Easier to see in someone else’s life or words. I like how writing sometimes helps the negatives lose some of their power.

  2. It really frosts my cupcakes when I think about the salaries some of the sports players receive when teachers are so low on the respect and $$ ladder. Raise those scores! Meet those benchmarks! Raise those taxes?? NEVER!
    Sorry that right now you’re the bug and not the windshield . Keep your chin up.

  3. Those forced free-writes can be powerful to help us understand ourselves.

  4. Hang in there. Sometimes the toughest struggles makes us lose our footing but soon enough we will build an even stronger foundation to stand upon. Sending good vibes your way. !!!

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