This has been a very stressful past two days, and I can’t wait until tomorrow is over!

Last week was Spring Break. I didn’t get to go home to visit family, but it turns out it was wonderful to just stay home (how many homes do I have?!). All of my friends left town for break, with some dropping in, so it was nice. But, I didn’t do enough of the things I needed to do. Sunday was rough.

Monday was rougher. I had things due at work, that I put off until the last minute, and a test, that I put of studying for. How sad is it that I got my masters almost four years ago, and I’m just now learning how to study?

So Monday was done, and now I just have a big class trip tomorrow. 

I’d say it will be nice after tomorrow, but of course there are going to be way more things coming. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy tomorrow and not just stress! And learn how to not wait until the last minute for everything!


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  1. After I wrote why I write, I read through the other posts. We agree! To teach writing, it is important to actually write. I used to think I could just tell students how to write, and they would be able to do it. Now, I know that by practicing it myself, I am a much better teacher. Do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do, does not apply to teaching writing!

    I hope your week becomes less stressful!

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