On Organization

Instead of doing everything I need to be doing, I decided to check out pinterest (way late to this game), and I saw a bunch of stuff on organizing. I found one blog that is amazing and that person is who I want to be! 

A lot of my stress comes from my lack of organization. I try things, but a lot of them never stick, or they’re too complicated to be useful. I really have to try things out in order to see if they work for me/could work with changes, and that is stressful, because it takes time and mistakes to get it to work. But I’m slowly learning some things that work for me and am making a few things habits.

Anyway, I am really on the lookout for different organizational strategies. Next year I will probably have about 30 people in a trailer all day long, and I don’t need any self-made stress. Next year I will start out as the crazy organized teacher and MAKE my kids be organized. In fact, I will start that this quarter.

As usual, I had several way better posts written in my head, but when I finally sat down to write, this is what I got. Hopefully, I will get better at this whole writing thing.


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  1. Organization is a learned skill! Let’s face it—-it is something that some adults never learn how to do. So I look at it as an opporunity to “teach” the students a skill! Couple hints from my classroom experience:
    1. I keep all of the loose notebook paper for them. (it is too easy to create messy desks) I put it in an assigned place in our writing center.
    2. My 4th graders keep one WORK folder. The work from the day either goes in the finished side (to turn in tomorrow) or the Homework side (to take home, complete and turn in tomorrow. (No loose, waded up, missing papers in the back of the desks.)
    3. I am also faithful about creating routine for them. I collect the assignments first thing in the AM.

    1. Great to hear how others do things! Thanks.

  2. I have the same problem. I have pinned so many organization ideas that I need a way to organize them! Good luck with your quest.

    1. Haha, I feel like I get to that point, too! How to organize my organizational tools!

  3. Every year I think that I will start out the year more organized and have my students be more organized and every year I end up with piles everywhere. I feel like there is just not enough time…and it doesn’t help that we teachers are pack-rats most of the time…you never know when you might use that in a super-creative project, right? Good luck in your resolutions to get more organized.

  4. I always have great plans, but somehow the plans don’t always work out the way I want them to. Good luck finding a system which works for you! At least you are planning ahead!

  5. Oh, to be organized. I pin lots of organizational ideas. I’ve used a few, but not as many as I probably should. I’m wondering where this site is as I’d love to check it out.

  6. I am also looking for a better way to be organized. What is the blog that you found? It sounds really interesting.

    1. http://everybodyisageniusblog.blogspot.com
      It seems like really easy stuff- just great reminders that I NEED- like not letting kids leave until stuff is done correctly! I also love her tone and how much she seems to care. I will be making some changes when we get back after break for the last quarter!

  7. Organization is always one of my goals. I see other people do it so effortlessly. It feels like when one part of my life gets organized, I realize another part is really unorganized. Good luck with your organizing.

  8. Fun post to read. Do remember…we each have our own way to organize…and what works for some…may not work for you. Also, know, that you may not need as much organization…only enough to help you…to ease the stress…to help accomplish what you need to do…but don’t let it stifle who you really are! Great fun to read. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

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