Slice 30

I am usually way too good at looking at the negative. In fact, as I left the gym today, I focused mostly on the fact that I am nowhere close to where I used to be, instead of the fact that I did one machine longer than I have in about a year and I actually went when the gym opened today instead of putting it off for tomorrow. I focused on the fact that I didn’t run and instead used one of the machines, and not on the fact that I exercised and I pushed myself.

Which is why I was so happy that it hit me what a beautiful day it is outside when I was driving home. I had the windows down some, felt the wind on my face, and listened to a good song on the radio, and I just thought about how perfect this moment is. How nice and lovely and gee I wish I could just keep driving. I was stopped at a light just enjoying the moment, and enjoying myself for being positive, when the light turned green and I started to move and then an ambulance came blaring down and I had to stop in an awkward place in the road to let it pass and of course the light was then red and I was in this weird place in traffic and…at least no one honked at me and I was able to really truly enjoy at least five minutes of my day. 😉

2 responses

  1. Yes, it has been a beautiful day….we just had a nice walk in the park. I am glad you were able to enjoy the drive with the wind in your face. As I get older, I find I am doing less…or able to…beind 62 is not like 52….but I am determined to walk everyday and enjoy life. I hope you are able to do the same. Jackie

  2. Accent the positive. Good thinking.

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