Slice 26

I have done SOL writing in my class for a few days now. It always goes so much better when some of my class is pulled for TD. A few other kids are pulled for a few other things, so I have 13 or 14 kids left. I have them sit in a circle, and honestly I think that is one of their favorite things. Today most of my kids who were left were really on. I would like to continue this in my class after Spring Break, and I’m trying to decide how to do it. Do I want to do it on one specific day each week? Do I want to try to get them to do it 2-3 times a week? As homework on their own using kidblog? I don’t think that last one will stick. 

I would like to spend more time on certain things, but I feel so smooched for time already, I don’t know how to fit this in. But I want to. Ugh! I am also very low on energy, so I’m hoping I’ll be more energized after the break.

I also found out I will be changing grade levels next year, so I will have a brand new curriculum (again!) next year. I’m actually excited for the grade change and hoping it will go well!


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  1. I have not tried SOL with my students yet, but I have been thinking of ways to incorporate it. I think I will need to figure out how to give at least some class time to it. Too many of my students don’t have Internet at home, and many more don’t do much homework at all. I hope once they experience it, they will be motivated to do more.

  2. It’s nice when we experience something first hand so we can really understand what students are feeling.

  3. I have done the classroom challenge with my two groups of 5th graders. They love it! It goes best when they have time to blog at school, but there are several who are faithful from home. Many have asked if we can continue after March. Of course I say yes, though after managing blogs for over an hour or two a night, I fear I may never grade another paper again!

  4. I would think smaller groups would be wonderful. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a regular one or two times a week session, but allow them to continue on their own on other days, posting as they would like? It would seem that some that are really driven to write, would appreciate the fact that they could continue if they chose to write more. I guess the thing to do is really talk to the other teachers that did it and compare notes!

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