Slice 19

When I was in the seventh grade, I failed the eye exam they gave us in school. Bad. Like, I have no idea how I made it around any where and wasn’t failing every subject because in reality I couldn’t see what was going on anywhere only I didn’t realize I couldn’t see. How does that even happen? I have yet to fail another test that badly.

So I gave my mom the letter that said my answers “weren’t as expected” and off to the eye doctor I went. Now, I already had anxiety and self-esteem issues. If a hair stood out of place, I freaked. Then, I had to pick out glasses from the kid section because the adult ones were too big. Luckily, my mom let me get contacts so I only had to suffer for a week in my glasses.

Since I rarely wore my glasses, I only had to change them every other year. Normally I got to try on different frames after the exam, when my contacts were already out. Of course, I already can’t see, so adding in the dirty fake lenses on the frames didn’t help at all. My face would just about touch the mirror and I’d ask, “Mom, what about these? I don’t know I CAN’T SEE.” Why  I didn’t put my contacts back in I do not know.

Jump to my last year in college. For some reason, my younger sister came with me to help me pick out glasses. She is the one person I trust to tell me the truth and actually help me pick out something that flatters me. Before, I had always tried to get the most “invisible” glasses, hoping no one would notice if I wore them. But by this point, the lenses were too thick for the type of frames I had been getting. My sister picked out a very bold (for me) pair of frames I never would have gone near. For some reason I went with it and got them.

That was about five or six years ago. I was supposed to get a new pair, per tradition, a couple of years back. But I moved to a new state, and went to the eye place by myself. I’m too far away for any help from my sister. For the first time, I kept the same pair of frames. Normally when I wear them, I get a few compliments. And I always think of my sister. Our relationship isn’t always what it once was, so I’m glad I have my frame-picking-out experience with her to think back on.


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  1. I went to LensCrafters yesterday and found out they have a cool new way to let you see how the glasses look on your face. It was revolutionary! The tech took pictures of me wearing each pair I was considering. It helped me with the selection of a pair of frames. You gotta try it.

  2. Glasses become such a part of our face and our “look” when we wear them often. I’m glad you’ve found a pair you feel like “you” in, and that it brings back good memories of your relationship with your sister. I like my glasses too, but they’re not transition lenses, and I haven’t splurged on prescription sunglasses…so contacts it is for me, most of the time.

  3. I always become so nervous about choosing new frames….at this stage they feel sort of welded on! How nice for you, though, that your glasses have a special story.

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