Slice 18

I must admit, this is getting a little harder for me! I definitely try to keep my mind open to things I can write about throughout the day, and I’m trying to write them down in my little daybook, but I guess sometimes by the time I can actually sit down to focus and type, I’m done! When I first sat down to type this, all I could think about were the negatives from my day. I definitely don’t want this to be a place where I complain all the time! So I took a few minutes to read through some others’ postings, and it really turned my mood around.

Sadly, I wasn’t struck with something wonderful to write about, but I was reminded once again how awesome this challenge is. I’m sad I didn’t find it earlier. These past few weeks I have read things about people’s lives that I have connected with, read lines that made me laugh out loud, gotten some good advice about random things (funnily enough, not all of the advice was written for me! I just took it!! 🙂 ). I really want to make sure I continue with the Tuesday SOL postings after this month.

Also, I tried to start this in my class today. Most students aren’t as happy about it as I am, but I’m hoping to make it a fixture and get some excitement! 

One response

  1. So glad that you want to stay with the Tuesday slicing….and even more so that you are starting it in your class. I’ve been doing a classroom slicing for some time now and have blogged about it….so worth while!

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