Slice 13

I really have a problem with writing sometimes. I sit down with nothing to write, so I try to just pick a moment and write about it. Somehow I end up going on and on (and on and on…) and never really get to the point. 

I just got home and was thinking about what I was doing to write about. I even thought to myself how wonderful it is that this is the SLICE of life challenge- it doesn’t have to be a lot- in fact, it shouldn’t be! So I sat down and wrote paragraph after paragraph, and then realized I still hadn’t gotten to the point I was going to write about. I somehow felt an odd combination of myself as a teacher and a student that comes up to me saying, “Look- I have 10 pages and I’m not even done yet!” I was thinking, “Wow! I just wrote a lot!” at the same time as, “No one wants to read through all this. All those words saying nothing!”

At least now I am experiencing firsthand why quantity of writing is so important. There are some posts I have saved as drafts, but I know that within them are several smaller, actual things I can write about and share later.

I’m starting to feel a teensy bit like a real writer! 


8 responses

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes there are a lot of words swirling around but not getting to the point. It feels good to have them to mine later.

  2. I am feeling this way tonight… I must be a morning writer! So tired…

  3. You go! Writing is hard work. I feel like that sometimes too — I write a lot and say nothing. Keep going….you’re doing it!

  4. How wonderful!! The story is always there, you just have to find it!!

  5. I think we all do that at times. I, too, have a draft that really needs to by cut down. Just peel away the unnecessary words and phrases…and see what appears. Jackie

  6. Yes, it’s a challenge to get to the writing that you want. What a great ride!

  7. You. Are. A . Writer. Say it out loud — “I am a writer.” 🙂

    Your post tonight makes me smile. I love these moments…when the writing becomes daily and we realize it’s a part of who we are.

    Keep writing, the world needs your stories.

  8. My favorite quote by Steven Pressfield, who wrote “The War of Art.”
    “You are a writer when you say your are.” I interviewed him here. If you would like to read it.

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