Slice 8

Little slices:

  • started the day with a parent conference that went really well
  • kids were happy when we started the day with Read to Self
  • my higher kids got pulled and my ones who stayed in were all completely engaged in their research…and asked to continue it to lunch time
  • kids were really trying on a hard math packet
  • enjoyed a nice, long dinner with some other teachers from my school

I will have a crap-ton of grading to do tomorrow, and I know I’m missing A LOT of work, but today was a very nice end to a very very busy week. 


5 responses

  1. Love to end the week on a high note. I end every work week playing ultimate frisbee with the club I sponsor and then an Alice in Wonderland inspired 50th birthday party for a colleague. don’t grade too much on Saturday!

  2. Always good to appreciate those days that go so well!

  3. I call those “fairy dust” days…it’s great to stop and appreciate them!

  4. Glad the week ended well. That’s always a great way to head into a weekend! Hope you get your grading done, and also have some time to play!

  5. Your day sounds great. That grading can wait, do it in spurts.

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