Slice 5

Today I had to stay late at work because we had a PTA meeting and a grade level performance. As I was waiting to start, I heard someone call my name. I turned, and for a brief second, had no idea who this kid was. Then it hit me- I had him two years ago! He actually did look pretty much the same- I think his hair just laid down better on his head now. 

It was weird- I went back and forth. He seemed so different, then in the next second, he was the same kid. He sounded so excited about everything he was doing now that he’s in middle school. It was so great to hear! It’s nice to see old students like that.


6 responses

  1. It’s wonderful to get visits from former students. I love keeping up with many of mine on FB. The treats of teaching!

  2. I always love, love, love seeing students I’ve taught before. And I’m always so glad that they want to come back and see me.

  3. It makes my day to see my old students….especially the ones who’ve left and gone off to college….those are my favorite visits. And you are right – the physical change is amazing!

  4. Ditto here on all of the above! We had PTO and grade level performance tonight. It’s always so strange to see older siblings back in the building & so grown up!

  5. It is the best treat to visit with former students. Often I also have to do a double take when I see a young man or young woman that I taught when they were young!

  6. He sounded so happy to see you. And he sounds happy to be remembered. Thank you for your slice.

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