Slice Number 4

Look at me! So far, so good!

I left for work about 7:30 this morning, and am only just now (~9 pm) getting home. On Mondays, I take a class after work. 

This morning started off amazingly- this week is our school’s Book Fair! This is one of my favorite times of the year. A presenter came in, and he is just wonderful. I’ve seen him every year I’ve worked at this school and it is by far the best staff meeting each year! But then I had to rush to meet my students and it was push,push,push. It was a nice break to take them down for our scheduled time in the library for them to check out all the books. But then back to the grind. I am learning that along with history, I really love teaching reading and writing. I know I still have a long ways to go, but those are the areas where my heart truly is.

This evening I went to my class, and we spent part of the class learning about one of my absolute favorite times in history. So, my day was kind of book-ended (?? what is that phrase? I’m tired!) by two of my favorite things. 

Now to find a way to get the middle part to feel like that…

7 responses

  1. Sometimes the pace of our days doesn’t leave time to step back and enjoy them but so lovely to be tired from what we enjoy doing! Great reminder to be present in the moments. Thanks.

  2. What a day you’ve had! So…. what’s your favorite period in history ( as a history teacher, I have to ask that!).

    1. American Revolution! Well, it’s one of them, but a period I have loved learning about since I was little.

  3. I love history, reading and writing also!!! I look forward to Wednesday when I will have the chance to work on writing with my high school students and then study history with some of my 9th grades! Those are the great days!

  4. I see students in a pull-out resource room, so there are days when my first and last groups are smooth-going and the middle is hectic. I can so relate to your day!

  5. Mondays are often Manic (or Maniac) for me. We lifelong learners often begin earlier and finish later than others because we know the importance of pushing our students and ourselves.

    Keep going, you are doing a great job. Take those restful moments when the present themselves and relax in them.

  6. We live close to Valley Forge. It is my favorite part of history as well. Sounds like you had a full day. Thank you for sharing it.

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